GUITAR CLUB.- Important rehearsal to-day at 1.30 o'clock.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 p. m. New music.

T. T. SEELYE, Sec'y.HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- There will be NO rehearsal to-day or Monday.

A. D. HODGES, Sec'y.HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal this afternoon at 11 Matthews at 4.30. Everyone must be present.

The following men are requested to act as ushers at the winter meetings of the H. A. A. on the Saturdays, March 17th and 24th: C. F. Adams, 2d, L. Anderson, Appleton, de Billier, Bohlen, J. T. Davis, G. B. de Gersdorff, Henshaw, Holden, Keyes, Markoe, R. F. Perkins, Porter, J. H. Sears, Sedgwick, Storrow, Tooker, J. W. Wood, Jr., Woodman. They will please be in the gymnasium at 11.15 sharp Saturday morning, to learn their duties. Those unable to usher will please notify me beforehand.