Fact and Rumor.

Mr. Gordon will conduct prayers until the spring recess.

Gill has begun to train with the Yale crew.

There will be an hour examination in English A before the spring recess.

Mr. Gordon will be at Wadsworth House every week day from 9 to 10.

W. A. Brooks, '87, will coach the '90 crew on the river.


The number of men training with the various crews is 58.

Williams, '91, is at present rowing No. 2 in the first freshman crew.

Some delay in getting the crews on the water may be caused by the accession of a new boat-house keeper.

Hutchinson, '90, has left his class crew and is with the 'varsity candidates.

Semitic reading this evening at 7 Lowell street. Mr. Jewett will speak on "Moslem Art in Syria."

Five Yale students were arrested last week for snowballing the New Haven policemen.

More than 25 volumes and pamphlets relating to Amherst College and its history have been published during the last twenty years.

Little Joseph Hofman will sail for Europe March 28 in the steamer Saale. Manager Abbey has not decided what action he will take in the suit against the boy's father for breach of contract.

Professor Richard T. Ely, of Johns Hopkins University, is soon to publish a book on taxation in American states and cities.

In a prize debate at Princeton between men chosen from each of the four classes, the freshman representative was successful.