Fact and Rumor.

There will be an hour examination in Latin C, next Saturday.

There is serious talk at Amherst of establishing a "navy" there and entering actively into boating.

The Yale Apollo and Banjo Clubs will take advantage of the Easter vacation to make their first extended trip.

O. S. Brown, '89, has been elected president of the Williams Lit, and S. E. Wright, '89, has been elected manager.

Certificates of graduation will be given to the class of '87 of the Phillips Exeter Academy at the coming commencement.


In Latin B, the "Cicero de Amicitia," will be read immediately, and the "Andria" of Terence will be postponed until later.

Terry, formerly captain of the Yale nine, is to play second base for the Staten Island Athletic Club nine this summer.

Tickets for the Pudding Theatricals, to be given in Philadelphia on April 7, and in New York, April 9 and 10, may be obtained at 9 Weld, from 5 to 6 daily.

Dr. William S. Bryant, Harvard '84, now taking a special course in anatomy at the Medical School, made a very important anatomical discovery last week one that had been previously entirely unknown to medical science.

In furtherance of the movement now going on in the colleges and educational establishments of Boston, a meeting of students was held Sunday afternoon in the lecture room of the B. Y. M. C. A., at the corner of Boylston and Berkeley streets. A delegation from Harvard was present, including Messrs. H. B. Gibson, J. H. Gray, E. L. Cummings, D. C. Torrey, H. R. Niles, F. D. Kalopothakes and J. W. Rice.

Mr. Marland C. Hobbs, L. S., having been appointed by Governor Ames clerk of the Brookline police court, has resigned his proctorship in College House. Mr. C. F. Billings, Gr., has been selected to fill the vacancy.

W. S. Gilbert has written the libretto of a new operetta, a burlesque on society life, and has sent it to Sullivan at Monte Carlo, who will compose the music for it. It is probable that the opera will be brought out in New York next fall.

There will be an hour examination in English A to-day at 9 a. m. Alger Estes in Sever 37; O. Everett-R. B. Hale in Sever 5; R. S. Hale-D. H. Hey-wood in Sever 1; Hill-Parsons in U. E. R.; Patillo-S. C. Saville in Sever 17; Sawyer-Walcott in U. 16; Walker-Wilkinson in Sever 13; Willard-Wynne in Sever 20.

James O'Rourke, the well-know base-ball player, says the Yale nine are doing excellent work and it is his opinion the team will be stronger this year than ever. The base sliding apparatus of Captain Stagg pleased Mr. O'Rourke, and he intends recommending the use of a similar apparatus to the New York club.

This afternoon at 3 o'clock the exceptions in the Robinson murder trial, which will be heard next week by the Supreme Court of this State, will be argued at the Law School before Prof. Thayer as a moot court case-Storrow and Weston Smith for the government and Parker and Sanford for the defendant.

Stagg recently decided to take a four years' course in the Yale divinity school, consequently he will continue to pitch for victorious Yale nines for four years to come. Dann has decided to take a postgraduate course, and will therefore be on hand to take his old position behind the bat. This will be anything but pleasant information to the men of Harvard and Princeton.- Herald.