Y. M. C. A.- Meeting this evening at 6.30. All students are invited.

HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Photograph Friday, 1.30 p. m., at Pach's.

GUITAR CLUB.- Rehearsal to-day at 1.30 sharp.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- Meeting this afternoon at Watertown.


D. C. HOLDER, Jr., Sec.THE P. B. K. dinner will take place this evening at 7 o'clock, at the Parker House. Per Order.

CONFERENCE FRANCAISE.- Meeting of the society this evening at 7.30 p. m. in Upper Dane Hall.


S. A. BAYER, Secretary.LOST.- An umbrella from the radiator by Table 35, at Memorial. Finder will oblige me by leaving it at that table.

CLIFFORD H. MOORE.CLASS OF '88.- An important class meeing will be held to-morrow (Friday) evening in Holden Chapel.

E. B. LUND, Secretary.HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- Tickets for all performances will be on sale to the public at 9 Weld this morning from 11 to 12 and this afternoon from 5 to 6. Any members desiring to accompany the club to Philadelphia and New York will please call then.

GEORGE B. LEIGHTON.THE following men are still behind time: W. Abbot, J. G. Bailey, F. G. Balch, C. Bohlen, G. Brock, H. G. Bruce, A. Cunningham, B. F. Curtis, W. E. Fowler, J. F. Harlow, E. B. Harvey, G. Hay, W. P. Henderson; C. S. Harvey, W. R. Kimball, L. S. Laitham, F. L. Payson, J. H. Robinson, H. N. Sampson, H. S. Sanford, G. E. N. Ullrich.