Princeton Notes.

The trouble between the students and the Graduate Advisory Committee has at last been adjusted by the addition of two Princeton residents to the committee, who will have a more intimate acquaintance with college affairs.

The third volume of the "Iconographic Encyclopaedia" has just been published, and contains a comprehensive treatment of the subject of Sculpture and Painting. Professor Alan Marquand is the general editor and has charge of the work, also furnishing the text on Ancient Art. Professor Frothingham conducts the department on early Christian and Mediaeval Art. There are to be some fifteen more volumes published. Dr. McCosh's lectures on AEsthetics and Evolution have also been recently published in book form.

This week Dr. McCosh will begin a series of lectures on AEsthetics under the topics, the Beautiful, Picturesque, Ludicrous and Sublime.

President Patton conducts his graduate and senior lectures on Ethics every Wednesday afternoon.

In athletics the men are working hard. The new base-ball cage is a great addition, and a model of completeness. In it is room for regular batting and battery work, throwing to second, sliding bases, and in fact, the work there is nearly as good as out-of-door practice. The whole inside is encased in wire netting, so that the batting can be as hard as out of doors. A rope netting separates an alley for extra battery work. Ferguson of the Philadelphias is coaching the men, and a very heavy batting nine is looked for. King, '89, is pitching in fine form, as is also Mercur, '88; probably Ames, '90, or Young, '90, will catch. The nine will go on a trip during the Easter vacation, playing the Washingtons, Baltimores, Athletics and Cuban Giants, and will open the championship season by playing Yale on April 28.