Special Notices.

Notices, if not more than five lines, inserted in this column for 50 cents each insertion, of $2.00 a week. For over five lines, the rates are doubled. Short "Lost" and "Found" notices, if inserted once, free; every additional insertion 50 cents. Al

TUTORING in History 13 and 17. All kinds of writing and type-writing done at short notice. Preparation for the college examinations during the summer months. CLARENCE A. BRODEUR, '87, 14 Hollis.

REDUCED PRICES in Picture Frames after March 1sr, 1888. Superior in quality and yet as low in price as many other dealers; and pictures, etc., framed at short notice. Please call and be convinced. ALFRED MORGAN, Hilton's Block, Harvard square. m2

FENCING.- F. W. Lister, formerly superintendent of Harvard Gymnasium, teacher of Swordsmanship. Residence, No. 26 North Harvard Street, Allston. m6 1t

SPRING PANTS to measure.- Students wanting a first-class fitting suit will do well to call and see our large stock. This department is in the hands of a first-class cutter and all our work is warranted. Importers of English woolens. J. B. BRINE, 8 Boylston street near Post-Office.

RE-STRINGING TENNIS RACKETS.- We have the best thing in this line that has yet been produced-waterproof stringing. Dampness is the great enemy to racket strings and the prolific cause of much looseness and breakage. When treated with our Waterproof Filler the strings become impervious to dampness, and will keep in good condition a much longer time than would be possible otherwise. They can be taken to the seashore or mountains with safety if treated with the Waterproof Filler. We make a specialty of stringing for expert playing, and can guarantee fine work. James W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.


A FINE SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS at let cheap on Oxford street. Apply to LEE L. POWERS'S, 30 Boylston street, near post office. f2

Money made. See advertisement of stocks bought and sold in next column. s30

CAMP CHAIRS to let for all occasions, cheap, at LEE L. POWERS', 30 Boylston street. f2

WEATHER STRIPS, Outside Windows, to keep out the wind and cold are now being put on by Powers, 30 Boylston street, Read's Building.

FRENCH FLANNEL and English Che viot Shirts, elegant patterns, at James W. Brine's, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

FULL DRESS SHIRTS, $1.50 and upwards at J. W. Brine's, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

STUDENTS desiring to purchase a genuine English Mackintosh can do so and save 15 per cent. by calling at J. F. Noera's, 436 Harvard street.

GET your Furniture repaire at POWERS'S, 30 Boylston street, near post office. j18

Do you own a Trouser Stretcher? If not, buy one at James W. Brine's, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

REPAIRING, PRESSING AND CLEANING done at McDonnell's old stand. Dress suits pressed and cleaned. Ulsters and overcoats pressed and cleaned. Pants pressed and cleaned. First-class work guaranteed. J. B. BRINE, 8 Boylston street, next to post office. d9

CONSTANTLY on hand, all the latest style E. and W. Collars and Cuffs, Full Dress Shirts, and everything requisite for evening dress. All kinds of Bath Wraps, English Cheviot and French Flannel Shirts and Pajamas, etc., at J. F. Noera's, 436 Harvard street.

CLEANING, PRESSING AND REPAIRING done at McDonnell's old stand, 8 Boylston street, near Post-Office. Spring suits cleaned and pressed; full dress shirts pressed; pants creased. Agents for the French Dye House. General repairing of all kinds. J. B. BRINE, 8 Boylston street, near Post-Office.

You can buy a trouser stretcher at J. F. Noera's, from 16c, to $5.

IT IS an acknowledge fact that J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard street, has the finest line of English Cheviot and French Flannel for shirts and pajamas ever imported.