Fact and Rumor.

There was a cut in Pol. Econ. 4 yesterday.

Vesper service at 5 o'clock this afternoon in Appleton Chapel.

The entries for the first winter meeting close at 10 o'clock this evening.

"Carmen" will be the opera at the Boston Theatre this evening.

The CRIMSON board will be photographed at Pach's at 2 o'clock next Monday.


A number of students enjoyed the skating on Fresh Pond yesterday afternoon.

The Shooting Club will hold a competitive match with the University of Pennsylvania Gun Club on April 19th.

The question for the Union debate this evening is: "Resolved, that the best interests of the United States demand the annexation of Canada."

Tuesday evening's Record had a long article on foot-ball and its prospects for next year, with letters from the captains of the Harvard, Yale and Princeton elevens.

Symphony concert in Sanders Theatre this evening at 7.45. The program for this evening's concert was published in Tuesday's CRIMSON.

G. S. Mandell, '89, has been elected correspondent of the CRIMSON on track athletics, and M. A. Taylor, '89, has been chosen musical correspondent.

Notwithstanding the cold weather, the candidates for the lacrosse team practiced on Jarvis yesterday afternoon.

In a practice pull of three minutes, yesterday afternoon, between the '89 and '90 tug-of-war teams, '89 pulled '90 two inches.

It is said that the receipts of the Glee Club concert for the benefit of the crew amounted to considerably more than $500, the sum stated in the report.

Among the prominent Harvard graduates at the Glee Club and Pierian concert on Tuesday evening were: Prof. Francis Peabody, Caspar Crowninshield, Robert F. Clark, Col. Bancroft and R. C. Watson.

The following subjects will be presented for choice at the Union to-night:-

Resolved, that all immigration to the United States should be more strictly regulated.

Resolved, that the intercollegiate contests of Harvard should be with Yale alone.

Resolved, that the presidency of the United States should not be held for more than four successive years.