Probable Winners at Mott Haven.

The following from the Yale News gives us the Yale view of the result of the Mott Haven games of this year:

"The hundred-yards dash will probably be taken again by Sherrill, '89; Rogers, of Harvard, was the nearest man to him at the finish last year, and he has left college. Sweny, '90 S., may possibly obtain second place, though Thibault, of the University of Pennsylvania, will undoubtedly make a good showing in this race. The 220-yards is a doubtful race; Thibault will make a strong effort to win it. Robinson, '90, took second place last year against Rogers, of Harvard. Every man in the University who is at all good at running this distance should train for it, for the winning of this event may secure the cup for Yale.

"The 440-yards dash lies between S. G. Wells, of Harvard, and H. M. Banks, of Columbia, Wells beat Banks last year, but the latter has improved greatly since then, last year winning the championship of America for this distance. It will certainly be a close event.

"The half-mile is another doubtful race. Harvard has several good halfmile men, but they have not shown up very well hitherto at the games. Holton, T. S., Bradner, '89, and Harmer, '90, are our best men for it.

"The mile run will undoubtedly be taken by Harmer, '90. The second place lies between Davenport, Harvard, and Lloyd, '91, Yale.


"The hurdle race has been one of our sure events for several years; this year it promises to be very close between Berger, '88 S., and Mapes, of Columbia. The latter has improved wonderfully since last year. The mile walk will be won by Wright, of Harvard, if Lange, of Columbia, is abroad at the time of the games.

"Kolb, University of Pennsylvania, last year's winner of the bicycle race, will enter the event this year, but may be beaten by Davis, '91, of Harvard.

"The high jump will, of course, be taken by W. B. Page, of the University of Pennsylvania, who holds the world's record of 6 feet 4 inches. The broad jump will probably be again won by Shearman, '89, last year's winner. The pole vault lies between Quinn, of the University of Pennsylvania, and Shearman, '89. Quinn is reported to have vaulted 10 feet 6 inches, The hammer and shot events are both exceedingly doubtful. If the rowing authorities would allow Woodruff, '89, to compete in the latter event, he would probably be the winner; otherwise, Hunt, L. S., may win. Columbia has nearly the same tug-of-war team that she had last year, but several of the other colleges have much better teams than formerly. In the 220-yard's hurdle race the first place will probably fall to Mapes, of Columbia, but since the event is a new one, it is quite likely that some new man may win it. This is an event that there is a good opportunity for some Yale man to take at least second place in, and it is desired by the athletic management that more men train for the hurdle race. As will be seen, our strongest efforts should be devoted to the 220-yards dash and hurdle, to the half-mile run and the tug-of-war. The contest for the cup seems to be between the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia and Yale.- Yale News.