Special Notices.

TUTORING in History 13 and 17. All kinds of writing and type-writing done at short notice. Preparation for the college examinations during the summer months. CLARENCE A. BRODEUR, '87, 14 Hollis.

FULL line of Travelling Bags, at JAMES W. BRINE'S.

AWNINGS MADE AND PUT UP by LEE L. POWERS, Read's Building, at greatly reduced prices. m26

J. B. BRINE, CUSTOM TAILOR.- We have now ready on our counters the finest line of English and Scotch Suitings ever shown-1000 Scotch Suitings; 1000 English Pant patterns; 500 Spring Overcoat patterns. All our work guaranteed first-class and a perfect fit in all cases. J. B. BRINE, 8 Boylston street, next to post office, Cambridge.

FINE Spring Overcoats, at JAMES W. BRINE'S.


TRICYCLE FOR SALE.- "Quadrant" pattern; easy running, extra strong and in perfect order. Apply to

WINTHROP L. CHENERY, apr 11 6t Belmont, Mass.

NEW Spring Four in Hands and Teiks, at JAMES W. BRINE'S.

FINE line of Spring Hats, at JAMES W. BRINE'S.

ENGLISH and American Braces and Suspenders, at JAMES W. BRINE'S.

IT IS an acknowledged fact that J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard street, has the finest line of English Cheviot and French Flannel for shirts and pajamas ever imported.

EVENING Dresswear, Shirts, Ties, Gloves, at JAMES W. BRINE'S.

TO LET.- Unfurnished or furnished rooms, singly or en suite, at No. 1 Trowbridge Place. Apply to LEE L. POWERS, Read's Building, or at the house. Price low.

Money made. See advertisement 0 stocks bought and sold in next column. s30

CONSTANTLY on hand, all the latest style E. and W. Collars and Cuffs, Full Dress Shirts, and everything requisite for evening dress. All kinds of Bath Wraps, English Cheviot and French Flannel Shirts and Pajamas, etc., at J. F. Noera's, 436 Harvard street.