Fact and Rumor.

Badwin has taken Churchill's place on the '88 crew.

A third diamond is being laid out on the Yale Field, to facilitate practice.

Parker is now rowing on the freshman crew in place of Woodworth.

The candidates for the Yale Mott Haven team go to a training table tomorrow.

A Harvard Club is being organized in Brooklyn. There are 300 Harvard graduates in the city and over 150 have already signed as members of the club.

Work on the new Chittenden library at Yale is progressing rapidly. Excavations have been made and work on the basement begun.

The date of the Bicycle Club road race has been changed from April 27 to April 24, because of the nearness of the class athletic meeting.

The receipts of the two "Requiem" performances at Boston Music Hall will add about $3,000 to the Vienna fund for building a monument to the memory of Mozart.

The New York bar as a body have signed a petition presenting the name of J. C. Carter, LL.D., for the office of Chief Justice. Mr. Carter is a graduate of both Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and is one of the most eminent members of the New York bar.

A senior was seen rolling a hoop on the campus yesterday. The innovation was received with cheers.- Yale News.

The following have been elected officers of the Yale orchestra: Gale P. G., president; De Camp, '90, business manager; Boltwood, '90, librarian.

The College of the City of New York will send a tug-of-war team and a man for the 440 and 100 yards dashes at the intercollegiate games.

R. M. Hurd, Yale '88, will soon give to the public a book entitled "History of Yale Athletics." A member of the class of '62 is getting up a book on Yale men in the war.

A one-hour examination on the text of Gil Blas will be held in Sever 17, instead of the stated recitation, on Monday, April 16. No books whatever are to be brought in at the examination.

Mr. L. A. Coolidge, Harvard '83, now news editor of the Springfield Republican, will succeed Mr. Cushing as private secretary of Representative Henry Cabot Lodge.

The set of oars won by Harvard in the voting contest in New York have been received at the boat-house. The oars were made by Donohuge of New York, and are of the best material and workmanship.

Prof. Harper of Yale will hold Summer Schools for studying Hebrew this coming summer in the following places: Newton Center, Mass., University of Virginia, Chicago, Chatauqua, N. Y., and Kansas City. Each school will last about three weeks.

It has been decided that the class races, this year, shall be rowed on Wednesday, May 2, at 5.15 p. m. If postponement is necessary, they will be rowed on Thursday, May 3, at 6.15 p. m. The posts of the new bridge will be flagged and the crews will have their courses assigned to them at least one week before the races.