The Hasty Pudding Club Trip.

During the recent vacation, the Hasty Pudding Club made its annual trip to New York and Philadelphia, giving theatrical performances in both places for the benefit of the University crew. The club with the orchestra, costumes and scene-shifters-in all about seventy-five men-travelled in private cars all the way. The first performance was in Philadelphia on Saturday evening, April 7, at Horticultural Hall, before an enthusiastic audience of about six hundred. Later in the evening the men were entertained by the Journalists' Club and by the Social Art Club.

The New York performances were on Monday and Tuesday evenings, April 9 and 10, at the Berkeley Lyceum. This is a very pretty little theatre built especially for amateur theatricals. It was crowded both nights.

The acting and dancing of the men were loudly applauded and after every solo there was a perfect shower of bouquets. The club was also given a reception in New York. The alumni in New York were very much pleased at the success, especially as the Columbia theatricals, given the week before, were totally eclipsed.

The play is a farce entitled "Constance, or the Bean, the Belle and the Bandit," written by Lloyd McKim Garrison, '88. It will be repeated in Boston on April 19, 20 and 21.