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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON:- The writer of the article in Friday's CRIMSON entitled Fellowships at Yale was evidently not well versed in Harvard affairs. He talks about the Yale fellowships being, on an average, larger than those at Harvard and then devotes half a column to the description of three of the former, each with an income of $600. From the prominence he gives them, these are evidently the largest three that Yale offers. Now, Harvard offers six with incomes from $700 to $800 a year, and ten varying from $500 to $550. Besides these fellowships, nine scholarships wiht incomes from $200 to $500 were assigned to graduate studens last year. Altogether the college gives over $14,000 a year to students in the Graduate Department.

We are always glad to hear of Yale's advantages, but when these are compared with those Harvard has to offer, we want facts and not disparaging guesses.

SENIOR.[The facts in the article referred to in the above communication were taken from the Yale News, and by mistake were not credited.- Eds]