The Shooting Club Team.

In pursuance of the plan formed by the management of the H. S. C. to obtain team practice before the match with Pennsylvania, the team went to the grounds of the Wellington club, on Saturday last, and shot a practice match. Contrary to the expectation of those who know the relative strength of the two teams, the contest proved very close, and the Harvard team showed unexpected skill. The Wellington team ranks among the strongest in the country, and the excellent showing made against it augurs well for the success of Harvard in the coming championship match. The summary follows.

Summary:- Harvard Shooting Club vs. Wellington Gun Club, Wellington, April 28, 1888. Teams of seven; 25 clay birds per man; 18 yards rise; three angles.


Swift, 20

Perry, 22

Bond, 17

Sanborn, 21

Snow (captain), 19

Shum way, 14

Total, 131

HARVARD TEAM.J. A. Frye, L. S., 19

D. C. Holder, '88, 17

A. C. Jackson, '88, 16

W. K. Post, '90, 11