Ninety, 3; Ninety-One, 1.

Ninety scored another victory over Ninety-one yesterday, this time in lacrosse. The game was called soon after 3 o'clock, and lasted an hour with an intermission of five minutes. At first the play was about even, but Ninety soon forced the ball into their opponents' territory, and kept it there most of the time. They only succeeded however in getting three goals, thrown by Henshaw, Rourke and Wells. For Ninety-one Tudor threw a goal in the first halfof the game. Considering that six of Ninety's team are 'varsity men, the freshmen need not feel discouraged over their defeat. Their defence showed up well, but there is still room for great improvement. The men must be more careful in passing, use more head work, and above all play harder.

The teams were composed as follows:

Ninety. Ninety-One.

Morton, goal, Hall.

Naumberg, '89, point, Amory.


Pulsifer, cover point, Walcott.

Hecht, defence field, Jones,

Thorndike, defence field, Davis,

Haskell, defence field, Lord.

Wells, centre, Everett.

Rourke, attack field Rhinelander,

Henshaw, attack field King,

attack field Stead.

Blaney, homes Washburn,

Spencer, homes Tudor.