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Fact and Rumor.


Lowell is to have a professional baseball nine next spring.

The assignments of the loan funds are now payable at the Bursar's office.

The temperature in the Chapel at Bowdoin has been below freezing several times this year.

Prof. Laughlin requests that the blue-books in Pol. Econ. I be handed in as soon as possible.

The State of New Hampshire gives $5,000 yearly to indigent students at Dartmouth.

It is probable that the gymnasium will be opened two evenings of each week during the present term. - Cornell Sun.

An '88 and an '89 man are at work upon a novel to be published in the spring. The scene is laid at Princeton. - Yale News.

The '89 crew is rowing the same as last year, with Capt. Davis acting as coach. Trafford, Hebard and Howe are rowing as substitutes.

It is estimated that three feet of snow and four and a half feet of slush have fallen in Cambridge since the first snow storm in December.

The University of Michigan will celebrate its 50th anniversary next spring. It has almost as many students as Harvard although it is five times as young.

Madison College has a regulation prohibiting marriage during the college course. This regulation seems to be as necessary in many of the Western colleges as the one about "cutting" is in those further East.

Prof. Edward Hitchcock of Amherst has presented to the Conn. Valley Historical Society a piece of the rock from which the soldiers of the rebellion under Daniel Shays, made their flint 100 years ago. - Yale News.

The oldest of the seventeen colleges in Cambridge University, England, is Peterhouse, founded over six hundred years ago during the reign of Edward.

The following men are rowing on the first freshman crew: Amory, Hutchinson, Matthews, Slocum, Tilton, Sanford, Crehore, Tyson; Harding, substitute.

The Harvard Delta Upsilon gave a dinner in their rooms Friday evening, in honor of the visiting Brown and Tufts chapters. Mr. A. M. Lord, '88, presided.

The Record suggests that the only thing wanting to complete the general appearance and usefulness of the tank used by the Yale University Crew, is some genuine Thames eel-grass placed in the bottom of their little tub.

The subject for the debate for the class of '76 prize to be held at Princeton February 22 has been given to the debaters. The question as given out by the Professor of Political Econis - "Resolved, that the formation of a separate labor party in state and national politics is to the best interests of labor."

A meeting of the St. Celia Society of Boston University, was held yesterday for the purpose of electing a president in the place of Mr. C. M. O'Cornor, '87, who has lately entered Holy Cross College. Mr. D. F. Horgan, '87, was chosen. The director of the society, Mr. Smith, S. J., stated that the society had received invitations to join the Boston Oratorio Society, and also to attend the production of Lawrence Barrett's "Rienzi."

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