Fact and Rumor

The last meeting of the Conference Francaise occurs tonight.

The Institute of 1770 will be photographed at 1.30 today at the back of Sever.

The second game between '90 and '91, which was to be played yesterday afternoon, was forfeited by '91.

Dickson. '90, manager of table 32 nine at Memorial, is desirous of arranging game with other amateur nines.

Mrs. Cleveland is expected to be present at the Yale-Princeton game on May 26.

The examinations commence May 21 at the University of Penn., June 1 at Harvard, and June 7 at Yale.

Bain's "Emotions and the Will" will not be used as a text book in Philosophy 2 after this year.

The Dartmouth games were held on Monday. The feature of the meeting was the performance of Ellis, who ran two miles in 10 minutes 21 3-4 seconds.

Owing to the defeat of Harvard by the University of Penn. in the shooting match last Friday, a return match will soon be engaged in at Philadelphia.

The spring regatta of Columbia was held on Monday. The course was two miles. The sophomores crossed the line in 10 minutes 11 seconds, the wind and tide against them, closely followed by the freshmen.

Thursday's Globe had an article on the freshman crew.

The 'Varsity crew has suffered a great loss owing to the absence of Mr. R. C. Watson of the graduate advisory board. Mr. Watson will probably return some time before the crew leaves for New London.

An exciting game of base-ball was played on Jarvis yesterday morning between tables 36 and 33. 36 won by a score of 18 to 13. The batteries were Fullerton and Chamberlain for Table 36 and Wardner and Aiken for Table 33.

Three maiden ladies were in the gallery of Memorial at lunch yesterday armed with note-books. It is supposed that they were taking notes on the average consumption per head and the variety of tennis and other costumes worn by members of the H. D. A.

Over one hundred men have signed the book at Leavitt and Peirce's to accompany the ball team to New Haven. The tickets have been placed at 85, and it is desired that all those intending to go secure their tickets early.