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The following list of questions has been sent to each member of the University by the committee appointed by the faculty to investigate the subject of college athletics. Each man will greatly assist the committee in their investigations, whether he has been actively engaged in athletics or not, by answering the questions.

The value of the results obtained from these inquiries will depend upon the number of students who answer and upon the frankness and exactness with which they reply. The statements made will be received in strict confidence.

1. In what forms do you usually take physical exercise? [Include any form of indoor or outdoor exercise].

2. Does your regular exercise extend over the entire college year? If not, during what seasons do you take it?

3. How many hours daily, upon the average, do you devote to exercise, and during how many weeks of the year?

4. Have you had any physical examinations by the Director of the Gymnasium: if so, how many?

5. Have you been unable to avail yourself of the apparatus in the Gymnasium, after waiting a reasonable time, because it has been in constant use by regular teams?

6. Have you been unable to use the play-grounds of the College because they were occupied by regular teams for their practice?

7. To what college athletic organizations do you belong or have you belonged? [Mention teams, clubs, associations, etc.]

8. Have you received any personal injuries while exercising, or in any athletic contest? [Give particulars of time, place, nature, and seriousness of the injury.]

9. What sum, in the aggregate, do you yearly contribute for the support of college athletics in all forms? [Omit money paid for tickets to games.]

10. How many intercollegiate athletic contests, occurring in Cambridge, have you attended since May 22, 1887?

11. How many athletic contests, occurring in Cambridge, have you attended since May 22, 1887? [Include all regular and college games, "meetings" of the Athletic Associations, and other formal contests.]

12. How many intercollegiate contests, occurring outside of Cambridge, have you attended since May 22, 1887?

13. How many college exercises have you missed in consequence of such absence from Cambridge?

14. State on the back of this sheet any further facts or opinions, relating to the effect of athletics upon yourself and upon the college, which you think will be useful to the committee in forming their judgment.

JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE,W. S. CHAPIN,ALBERT BUSHNELL HART, Committee.It is requested that the answers to the questions be sent to Prof. Hart, 7 Hollis, before Wednesday, May 28.

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