The Yale Crew.

The final selection of the Yale crew has been made by Captain Stevenson, acting under the advice of Bob Cook. The men, with their positions and weights are as follows:-

Bow, R. W. Wilcox, '88 S., 156 1bs.

2, G. N. Gill, '88, 174 1bs.

3, T. A. Stevenson, '88, 172 1bs. (Captain.)

4, J. A. Hartwell, '89 S., 173 1bs.


5, W. H. Corbin, '89, 183 1bs.

6, G. A. Woodruff, '89, 181 1bs.

7, G. C. Carter, '88, S., 173 1bs.

Stroke, S. M. Cross, '88, 163 1bs.

Subs., James, '90, 160 1bs.

Subs., Brewster, '91, 167 1bs.

The average weight is 172 pounds, which is very heavy. Caldwell, who stroked the crews of '86 and '87, has clung to his determination not to row this year, in spite of all reports to the contrary. Most of the coaching is being done by Cowles and Rogers, captains of the '86 and '87 crews. Yale men say their crew is not rowing as well as usual at this time of the year, but predict better work on the arrival of the new shell which is expected in a few days, They are very confident of winning at New London.