BICYCLE CLUB.- Those who are going to Lexington will meet at University at 5 p. m.

R. S. BALDWIN.THE make-up examinations in French A and French 2 will take place on June 1 at 9.30 a. m., in Sever 20.

ALL who are going to the Canoe Club dinner, or who are going to enter the races, will please sign the book at Bartlett's at once.

Y. M. C. A. meeting this evening at 6.45. Election of officers at close of meeting. Every member is especially requested to be present.

THE class groups will be made Thursday, May 29, at 1.20 sharp, north side of Memorial. The freshman class are to be made directly after.


PACH BROS.H. William Tupper, Manager.

H. A. A.- The following men will please meet at 14 Wadsworth at 7.30 this evening: G. P. Cogswell, Wells, Wright, Gibson, Pennypacker, Bodley, Dana, Balch, Pease, Chase, Baldwin, Munro, Amory, Noble, Mandell, Sturgis, Downs, Miles, Davenport, Myer, Moen, Hunnewell, Stead, Bell, Howe, Bailey. Leave for New York on the 11 a. m. train, Albany Station, Friday.

F. B. LUND, Captain.