HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- Meeting tonight at 7.30 at the rooms on Holmes Field.

G. T. KEYES, Secretary.LOST-One link of a double-linked gold cuff button with an emerald in the centre. Finder will please return to Leavitt and Peirce and receive reward of five dollars.

DEUTSCHER VEREIN.- The society will be photographed to-day at 4 p. m. on the steps of the library.

R. HOFFMAN, Secretary.EIGHTY-EIGHT.- The senior class will be photographed to-day (May 29), back of Memorial, at 1.20 p. m.

'91.- The freshman class will be photographed at 1.30 p. m. to-day.



HARVARD CRICKET CLUB.- The following men will meet to-morrow (Wednesday) on Holmes at 10 o'clock to play Longwood: Ellis, Brown, Balch, Quimby, Paul, Frost, Sullivan, Dexter, Josephs, Keyes, Bayer and Norman.