Special Notices.

Notices, if not more than five lines, inserted in this column for 50 cents each insertion, of $2.00 a week. For over five lines, the rates are doubled. Short "Lost" and "Found" notices, if inserted once, free; every additional insertion 50 cents. Al

TUTORING in N. H. 4 and N. H. 8. my28 6t

R. S. TARR, 14 Hollis.HOLMES HINKLEY, A. M., tutor for Harvard. Few hours still unengaged. 14 Kirkland Place, Cambridge. my 22-29 j 5-12

TUTORING in Fine Arts IV, Philosophy XI, History XII, Pol. Econ. IV, English XV.

WILLIAM W. NOLEN, 6 Little's Block.m24 18t

TUTORING in History I. HENRY SCHOFIELD, 13 Hollis. my 29 2t


TUTORING in Greek, Latin and French.

F. D. KALOPOTHAKES, 18 29 6t

TUTORING in English A. ROBERT W. HERRICK, Stoughton 25. my 25 6t

GERMAN A.- I shall translate the books read during the second half year on Friday evening, June 1, at 7.30, in Stoughton 10.


TUTORING in Pol. Econ. VI and in Phil XI.

EDWARD C. LUNT, G. 24.m24 6t

HISTORY 13. Tutoring. Apply to GEO. P. FURBER, T. 54, after 6.30 p. m. m23 6t

TUTORING for the finals in Physics A, Physics B, Greek and Latin, by

M. L. BRUUER, 63 College House.m23-6t