Harvard Wins in Lacrosse.

Last Saturday the Harvard lacrosse team played the first championship game with the team from New York University. Game was called at four o'clock on Jarvis field, and one hour of play was indulged in which resulted in a score of eight goals to nothing in favor of Harvard. The game was uninteresting to onlookers, because it was so one-sided, Harvard out-playing her opponents at every point. The most noticeable feature of the game was the team-play of the home team. Indeed, Harvard had the ball almost all the time, and was continually attacking the goal of her opponents. New York's defence of her goal was the only commendable part of her play. Roberts and Miller here distinguished themselves, and saved their team from a worse defeat.

On the whole, neither team played a good game, Harvard being careless and slow in passing the ball, and New York making no systematic attack, but confining her attempts to secure a goal at long shots from the middle of the field. The teams were made up as follows:

Harvard. N. Y. Univ.

Drake, Goal, H. Matthews.

Stedman, Point, Roberts.


Griswold, Cover Point, Miller.

Pulsifer, Defense, Clamworth,

Griffing, Defense, Upwood,

Towle, Defense, Osburg,

Wells, Centre, Leward.

Rourke, Attack, D. Matthew,

Blodgett, Attack, Smith,

Kilvert, Attack, Drayton.

Harding, Home, Adams.

Referee, Mr. F. C. Hood, Harvard '86.