Class Day Notice.

From 1.30 to 2.30 this afternoon, packages will be sold to seniors not already supplied, small packages containing 5 yard and 5 Memorial tickets will be sold to graduating members of other departments of the University, and yard tickets will be sold to seniors only. This is the last chance seniors will have to buy packages. On Friday tickets of all kinds will be sold to seniors only. After this week any member of the University may buy tickets, and the prices will be the same to all, including seniors.

Every purchaser agrees, in buying, to the conditions under which the tickets are sold, Every Memorial and every yard ticket will bear the name of the purchaser on the back. No such ticket will be received on Class Day which does not bear the name as it was originally written. Erasing or changing the name will render the ticket invalid. Intelligent and efficient gatekeepers, who will rigidly enforce these conditions, have been secured.

Seniors are requested to be very careful in disposing of their tickets, and they will please return their extra tickets to the committee as soon as possible.

The Glee Club voting resulted-for Matthews, 118; for Holworthy, 56; indifferent, 4.

B. W. PALMER, Ch. Class Day Com.