Fact and Rumor.

No examinations are held to-day.

The Yale freshman crew rowed in its new shell for the first time last Friday.

Mathematics B.- Professor C. J. White will be in U, E. R at 3 p. m. today.

Hon. Andrew D. White, Yale, '53, succeeds Professor Asa Gray as a regent of the Smithsonian Institution.

To-day the report of the Committee of the Faculty on Athletics is to be considered by the Board of Overseers.


There will be no examinations, either mid-years or finals, in French 9, 10 and 11 next year.

Yale has made 34 runs to opponents 19 in the championship games to date; and Harvard has made 50 to opponents 19.

The new stained glass window just put into Memorial represents the figures of Sir Thomas More and Charlemagne.

The blue-books in Philosophy II have been corrected and can be found in the lecture room. The year's mark is on the cover in blue pencil.

By a unanimous vote of the Yale faculty, all students were forbidden the use of wine, beer and intoxicating beverages of all kinds in New Haven.

Mr. Oscar Fay Adams, of Cambridge will have a class in English Literature at the Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute.

In the "Athletic Supplement" of the June Monthly, Mr. W. K. Richardson has an interesting article on "English Athletics." Mr. Moorfield Storey and Mr. G. W. Green, '76, also have candid words to say in regard to the proper place of athletics at college. The position of the overseers is sharply attacked by the latter writer.

Ann Arbor University is to have a base-ball nine of deaf mutes.

Four young ladies are said to have fainted at the last Harvard-Yale game on Holmes from the intense heat. Three of them were from New Haven.

Mr. Kittridge, who will assist in the English department next year, has recently returned from a year's absence at the University of Gottingen.

The Exonian denies the rumor that the hitherto successful Phillips Exeter Literary Monthly is to suspend publication.

The old 'Varsity launch has been found to be completely worthless since the accident, and some other arrangement will have to be made for coaching the crew at New London.