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The cricket match yesterday on Holmes Field between Harvard and Pennsylvania was won by the latter by a hundred and two runs in a full two innings game.

Pennsylvania won the toss and decided to take the bat. W. Scott and Wiedersheim were the first to face the bowling of Ellis and Brown. The wickets fell fast, until five wickets were down for 19 runs. When Trotter came in, the only stand of the inning was made. Trotter played carefully for 11 and the 47 runs of W. Scott was an invaluable contribution to his side. The attack was steady and well directed, and the field support was good, a catch by Balch at short slip being invaluable. The venture closed for the small score of 68 runs.

Harvard followed after a short intermission. The first wicket fell for 32, Brown being the victim to A. Thomson after a well played and hard hit inning of 26. Balch's steady inning came to a close immediately after his partners. The wickets then fell rather rapidly until Frost and Dexter were associated. The Pennsylvania boys were unable to separate them until their total 68 had been passed, Frost having contributed a valuable 18 and Dexter 11. The innings closed for 73.

After a substantial lunch, Pennsylvania went in a second time, this venture proving more successful, yielding 123 runs. W. Scott was again the chief contributor, compiling 52 by hard hitting. Henry batted well for 22, and Trotter and Roberts each succeeded in reaching double figures. Quimby's fielding was especially brilliant, three difficult catches being secured by him.

Harvard followed on, but were unable to make any stand against the fine bowling of Goodwin and Brown. Goodwin performed the wonderful feat of getting five wickets for one run. Brown also made a good catch at short slip.

The game was a highly creditable one to our eleven, in spite of the poor showing we made the last time we made the last time we went to the bat. To lead the University of Pennsylvania even for one innings at cricket is a feat of which we may well be proud. The wicket played well and the attendance gratifying. The score:


W. C. Wiedersheim, b. Brown, 3

A. G. Thomson, b. Brown, 0

J. A. Scott, b. Ellis, 4

W. B. Henry, b. Ellis, 0

H. I. Brown, c. Balch, b. Brown, 0

W. G. Thomson, c. Norman, b. Ellis, 0

W. H. Trotter, b. Ellis, 11

L. Roberts, not out, 0

W. Goodwin did not bat, 0

Extras, 3

Total, 68

Bowling Analysis.B. M. W. R.

Brown, 71 3 4 31

Ellis, 66 2 4 34

HARVARD 1ST INNINGS.R. D. Brown, b. A. Thomson, 26

T. W. Balch, c. J. A. Scott, b. W. Scott, 6

C. G. Parker, c. J. A. Scott, b. W. Scott, 7

L. Sullivan, st. Wiedersheim, b. W. Scott. 1

G. T. Quimby, c. W. Scott, b. Brown, 1

W. S. Ellis, c. and b. Brown, 0

R. W. Frost, b. A. Thompson, 18

S. Dexter, c. and b. Brown, 11

G. T. Keyes, b. Brown, 0

S. A. Bayer, b. Brown, 0

G. Norman, not out, 2

Extra, 1

Total, 73

Bowling Analysis.B. M. W. R.

H. I. Brown, 72 1 5 28

W. Scott, 90 1 3 39

A. Thomson, 19 1 2 5

PENNSYLVANIA 2ND INNINGS.W. C. Wiedersheim, c. Balch, b. Brown, 10

W. B. Henry, c. Quimby, b. Balch, 22

W. Scott, c. Quimby, b. Ellis, 52

J. A. Scott, c. Quimby, b. Baown, 7

A. G. Thompson, c. Sullivan, b. Brown, 0

W. Goodwin, c. Sullivan, b. Ellis, 2

H. I. Brown, b. Ellis, 1

W. G. Thompson, l, b. w. b. Ellis, 7

W. C. Trotter, not out, 10

D. Roberts, b. Brown, 10

Extras, 2

Total, 123

Bowling Analysis.B. M. W. R.

Ellis, 102 4 4 60

Brown, 85 2 4 40

Balch, 24 0 1 17

Quimby, 6 0 0 4

HARVARD 2ND INNING.R. D. Brown, b. Brown, 0

R. W. Frost, b. Goodwin, 0

T. W. Balch, b. Brown, 3

S. Dexter. c. Brown, b. Goodwin, 0

C. G. Parker, b. Goodwin, 0

L. Sullivan, c. Goodwin, b. Brown, 2

S. T. Quimby, b. Goodwin, 0

W. S. Ellis, b. Goodwin, 0

G. Norman, b. Brown, 2

G. T. Keyes, c. Henry, b. W. Scott, 4

S. A. Bayer, not out, 4

Extra, 1

Total, 16

Bowling Analysis.B. M. W. R.

H. I. Brown, 29 1 4 8

Goodwin, 18 2 5 1

W. Scott, 6 0 1 6

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