Fact and Rumor.

Alexander, ex '89, and Knapp, '87, have been recently married.

Columbia plays Harvard this afternoon on Holmes Field at four o'clock.

Amherst beat Columbia on Monday by a score of 9 to 0.

The commencement week at Yale begins Friday, June 22.

This is Professor Lovering's fortieth year in the University.


The West End cars are running to Brookline over Beacon street.

Examinations are over at Columbia, and the college class day comes on the 11th.

The books of Philosophy 5 will be found in Sever A with the total year's mark in blue pencil on the covers.

The Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute has prohibited the publication of all periodicals by the students.

The proposed game between Princeton and Cornell, at Ithaca, has been postponed indefinitely.

Mr. Watson, of the Graduate Advisory Board, has recently returned from his Western trip.

The sophomore class at Columbia celebrated last Monday night their "Triumph Over Legendre."

The Columbia freshman crew left on the 4th inst. for their training quarters at New London.

Princeton defeated the University of Pennsylvania at base-ball last Monday by a score of 10 to 5.

"The Krank" is the title of another book on base-ball. It is written by Thomas W. Lawson, published in Boston, and is supposed to be humorous.