HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- The club will be photographed at 2.30 to-day on steps of Matthews. Please be prompt, as photographed has another group at 3.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- Photograph this afternoon at 1.30, back of Sever. Members please brings guns.

D. C. HOLDER, Secretary.BOYLSTON CHEMICAL CLUB.- The club will be photographed on Wednesday, June 6th, at 3 p. m., on the steps of Boylston. Members are requested to be prompt.

THE O. K. will be photographed at Pach's, Friday, at one o'clock. As Mr. Tupper has several engagements that afternoon, members will exert themselves to be exactly on time.

H. D. A. SPECIAL NOTICE.- Beginning Wednesday, June 6th, all orders for extra meals must be accompanied by checks to be obtained of the auditor. Checks in any amount not exceeding five dollars, to be charged on the term bill, can be obtained of the auditor before that date. On and after June 6, all checks obtained must be paid for in cash. Unsold tickets are not redeemable.


LYMAN B. FISK, Auditor.