Meeting of Cricket Club.

The first meeting of the Cricket Club was held last evening at 35 Matthews. The management announced that they had tried to arrange a match for Monday between XV of the University and the Gentlemen of Ireland. Unfortunately the Irish Gentlemen, owing to the fact that they sail from New York on Wednesday, were unable to meet Harvard. After that the following officers were elected for 1888-89:-

President-W. S. Ellis, '89.

Secretary and Manager-T. W. Balch, '90.

Treasurer-S. A. Bayer, '89.

Captain-R. D. Brown, '90.


The following committee on class matches was appointed: G. T. Quimby, Gr.; G. T. Keyes, '89; O. B. Judson, '90; I. N. P. Stokes, '91. It was also decided to form two elevens to play practice games.