Notes from Princeton.

Ex-President McCosh has returned from his trip to Mt. Desert and the mountains, and is now settled in his new house. It is said to be the finest dwelling in Princeton. Dr. McCosh is at present engaged on a philosophical work which will be his "Maximum Opus."

A Republican mass meeting recently held by the students was largely attended and great enthusiasm shown. Four companies were organized and the colors orange and black adopted. A meeting has also been called in favor of tariff reform and Grover Cleveland.

The Glee Club trials are now taking place. It is hoped that '92 will furnish the new material of which the club is sorely in need.

The lacrosse management is already busy in bringing out the lacrosse talent of the college. The recently-won championship has created new enthusiasm for this sport, and Harvard will have a struggle to regain the pennant.

Wagenhurst, captain of last year's foot-ball and base-ball teams, is not coaching the University of Pennsylvania's football team, but studying law in that institution.


Dohm, '90, who went abroad with the Manhattan Athletic Club last summer, will run at Montreal today in the quarter-mile run for the championship of Canada.

Some freshman wished to win immortal fame by having himself lowered from the top of the water tower and painting in orange 150 feet from the ground a large '92 seven feet in length.

President Patton has been ill for some time from an abscess, but has now resumed his classes.