Fact and Rumor.

S. Paine, '90, will return to college after the midyears.

The Bicycle Club will hold a smoker this evening at 8.30 in 45 Matthews.

The Mandolin Club will play at Mrs. Wesselhoft's girls' school next month.

The assignments of the Loan Fund for 1888-89 are now payable at the Bursar's office.

It is the custom at Trinity for the freshmen to give an annual dinner to the juniors.


There will be no more recitations in Engineering 3, 5, and 7 until after the midyears.

English B. Specimens of Theme V. will be read in Sever 11 this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

There will be no midyear examination in English 12, but the daily themes will be continued without interruption.

Lamont, '86, and Fuller, '88, are on the editorial board of the Albany Morning Express, the former holding the position of city editor.

The Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn has a new gymnasium which is fitted out with all modern improvements.

Rev. Percy Browne of Roxbury, will address the members of the St. Paul's society at their room on Wednesday.

Mr. F. J. Carpenter, who was president of the CRIMSON in '85, was married in December last to a Chicago lady.

Professor Chaplin has been obliged to suspend his courses until after the mid-years on account of trouble with his eyes.

New fenders with brass tops have been placed by the college in Holworthy and in one entry of Stoughton, to guard against fire in the future from hot coals.

W. M. Fullerton, '86, former literary editor of the Boston Advertiser, is at present traveling Egypt, after which he will take up a temporary residence in London for literary work.

Mr. W. H. Baldwin, a recent graduate of Harvard, is passing a few days with his friends in Boston and Cambridge. He is at present filling the position of assistant general freight agent of the Union Pacific railroad.