Special Notices.

G. RODEMANN, M. A., will tutor in German, French, Greek and Latin courses. German A a specialty. Address at 5 Linden street. 83-6t

HISTORY 1, 11, 12, 15, Fine Arts 3, Political Economy 4, Philosophy 11. Tutoring.

W. W. NOLEN, 6 Little's Block.77tf

TUTORING in German A, English A, Chemistry A, Greek and Latin.

CLIFFORD H. MOORE. 10 Stoughton.80-6t


JUST arrived from the manufacturers, a special good line of Jerses, to sell for 95 cents each.

JAMES W. BRINE, 10-11 Harvard Row.

A club table of students can be accommodated at 890 Main street, opposite Beck Hall. 83-6t