Fact and Rumor.

Mr. James A. Saxe, '88, is studying music in Berlin, Germany.

Luther Atwood, '83, is a teacher in the Lynn (Mass.) high school.

The Historical Society meets tomorrow evening at 19 Holworthy.

C. L. de Peyster, formerly of '89, has entered Oxford University, England.

Blue-books for the mid-year examination in Chemistry A must be handed in today.

There will be no mid-year examination in German 9, French 9, 10 and 11, and N. H. 4.

Candidates for the Williams nine have already begun training under the direction of Captain Clarke.

Candidates for the Exeter nine begin practice next week. The prospects for a good nine are rather poor.

By a misunderstanding, it was stated yesterday that the Madolin Club would play at Mrs. Wesselhoft's girls' school next month. The club will play at Madame Thomas.'

Secretary Whitney has placed a bill before Congress appropriating $50,000 to aid in the preparation of charts of the sky. This work is at present being carried on by the observatories connected with the universities.

Yale College students are taking a religious census of New Haven, in order to find out who do not go to church. As all whom they question declare that they are church-goers, the census will probably fail in its object.