Work of the Yale Freshman Crew and Nine.

The candidates for the Yale freshman crew and nine have begun training. Their work has been systematically arranged, and will be thoroughly carried out under the supervision of the university captains. The work of the teams will consist of exercise with the chest weights and Indian clubs, and a run of two or three miles each day. The tank will be accessible to the crew at certain hours, while the nine will have the use of the cage, and, in all probability, the New Haven skating rink, which will be of immense advantage during the winter months. The freshmen, since their football defeat, have been very anxious to get revenge on Harvard, and the manner in which they are going to work looks as if they might get it.

A bout twenty men are trying for the nine, among whom there is much good material. Two of the candidates, Heffelifinger and McClung, will probably play on the 'varsity nine, but will play with the freshmen in their important games. The other candidates are: Franklin, Ivison, Bliss, P. Brown, Jenny, Floyd, Jones, Moffat, Lovell, Orrick, Hume, L. Parker, B. Holliston, Carr, Graves, Perrce, Harrison, Jones, McClellan and Wales.

The freshmen are well supported by the college at large, and very effort will be made to gain the baseball and rowing championships over Harvard this spring.

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