Co-operative Society Bulletin.

Dividends payable this week, Nos. 200 to 300 and 600 to 700. Checks will be sent.

During the remainder of the year there will be bargains in books. Some book or set of books will be offered at an unusually low price for one day only.

Translations of Heine and Der Zwerg Nase are ready in the book room.

Three-hour blue-books of an extra quality at 35 cents a dozen.

The perfect or patent pen guage inkstand is what every one needs. The ink is stored in a rubber pouch enclosed in a neat glass frame or stand. The construction is such that turning a thumb screw on the top of the inkstand forces up a steel saucer kept beneath the rubber ink pouch, bringing into sight in a glass cube or dipping cup just the amount of ink needed.


A rubber stopper keeps the ink clean and fresh for any length of time.

These inkstands are now much reduced in price, and a good assortment is on hand in the stationery department.

Ready in the men's furnishings department: A new stock of full-dress jewelry, gold and plated sleeve buttons, dress ties, dress shirts, bath towels, Eton caps, and silk mufflers.