Special Notices.

FINE ARTS 3. Also tutoring in German, English A, Chem. A, N. H. 4, History 1, Fine Arts 1. Philosophy 11.

EMIL CHAS. PFEIFFER, 22 College House.83-6t

TUTORING.- Pol. Econ. 1, History XIII, French A and I.

L. E. PARTRIDGE, 24 Stoughton.83 6t

HOLMES HINKLEY, A. M., Private Tutor, 19 Ware street, Cambridge.


82 84 86 88 89 90

JUST arrived from the manufacturers, a special good line of Jerseys, to sell for 95 cents each.

JAMES W. BRINE, 10-11 Harvard Row.

PRINTED NOTES.- Nat. Hist. 4, $1.50; History 2, $1.50; Pol. Econ. 1, $1.50 (synopsis of Mill); Fr. English A, $1.00, Philos, 2 and 3 (Logic), $1.00; Chem. 1 Synopsis, 50c.

WHEELER'S PRINTING OFFICE, 416 Harvard Street.87 6t

ITALIAN I. Tutoring in Italian I by

CLARENCE W. GLEASON, 12 Stoughton.86 6t

TUTORING in German A, English A, Chemistry A, Greek and Latin. Seminar in Chemistry A, Wednesday evening, January 23, at 7.30 p. m.

CLIFFORD H. MOORE. 10 Stoughton.87-6t