Fact and Rumor.

A course of eight lectures on Hygiene is being delivered to the Yale freshmen by Dr. Seaver.

The faculty of Exeter Academy has refused to grant permission to the middle class to hold its annual German.

There is a movement on foot at Wellesley college to organize several secret societies.

Mr. C. P. Curtis, stroke of the university crews of '81 and '82, is in Boston enjoying a short vacation.

The Cornell university crew will endeavor to use the stroke taught by Cook of Yale.


Of the senior class at Exeter, five will probably go to Dartmouth, two to Cornell, and one each to Brown, Williams, Wesleyan, and the Troy Polytechnic Institute.

College men will read with interest Richard M. Hurd's article on "Athletics at Yale University" in Outing for February. Full-page illustrations of the various teams, together with running, hurdling, and pole-vaulting scenes, add materially to the value of the article.

The assignment of rooms for the examination in Political Economy 1 today is as follows: Abbot to Bolton, U. 2; Brackett to Dadmun, U. 4; Dahlgren to Hayes, U. 16; Healy to Kelly, U. 19; Kielty to Wooman, Mass. 3. All others who have not handed in blue-books will report at Mass. 3.

Arrangements have been made for a Harvard dinner in Detroit early in February. About twenty names have been signed to the call, and a letter has been received from President Eliot promising that the representative of the faculty who goes to the Chicago dinner will stop over in Detroit. Any person who has been connected with any of the departments of Harvard University will be welcomed to the dinner.

The portable house, to be used by the Harvard astronomical party in its South American expedition is built of heavy paper and canvas, sheets being stretched upon a frame of pine scantling three-quarters of an inch wide and half an inch thick. It is built in small sections, so that it can be easily and cheaply transported. The building when ready for occupancy is 18x22 feet. The top is surmounted by a galvanized iron cupola, which is made in movable sections. The building is divided into three rooms, is lighted by six large windows, and has two entrances, one on either side.