Fact and Rumor.

Perry, '89, has joined the candidates for the senior crew.

Nineteen men are taking the newly appointed course of journalism at Cornell.

The masons are working rapidly on the rowing tank. The first course of brick is already nearly completed.

The Kappa Alpha fraternity held their annual reunion at New York on Thursday. Delegates were present from Union, Williams, Cornell and Hobart colleges.

Mr. Wendell will meet today the third section in English 12, from Hecht to Luck.

The next Harvard Assembly in Pierce Hall, Copley square, Boston, takes place Thursday evening.

Clarkson commenced training the candidates for the positions of pitcher and catcher yesterday.

S. Howell has been chosen the permanent president of the Freshman Glee Club. W. D. Orcutt has been appointed assistant secretary.

The graduates of various universities living in Detroit, Mich., have formed a University Club. Members of any university are eligible to membership.

Yale alumni at New York intend to celebrate Yale's athletic victories for the past three years by a large dinner at Delmonico's.

William E. Barrett, who has just been elected speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, graduated from Dartmouth in 1883.

Rowland Hazard, the Rhode Island manufacturer, will deliver three special lectures on political economy at Princeton College during the present term.

Owing to the College Conference meeting, the Conference Francaise will hold its meeting at 8.30 instead of 7.30 on Wednesday. M. Cohn will read the play to be produced by the society.

It is extremely improbable that Stagg of Yale will withdraw from the nine next season, as announced. If he does not fill the pitcher's box, he will play somewhere in the infield.

During the present session of the Massachusetts Legislature, the authorities at Harvard College will present a bill asking for permission to increase the financial holdings of the University.

At the Lincoln College (Oxford University, England) sports, the strangers' handicap at a quarter of a mile was won from scratch by Mr. F. J. K. Cross in 49 2-5 s., the quickest time on record for an Englishman at the distance. The honor of having eclipsed all others at a quarter of a mile belongs to Wendell Baker, formerly of Harvard, whose record of 47 3-4s. made at Beacon Park, Allston, in 1886, remains unbroken.