Special Notices.

A club table of 6 or more gentlemen can be accommodated with board, also a cosy small room for a club of four gents. The well established house of Mrs. T. H. Brewer will re-open at the close of the Christmas recess.

T. H. BREWER, Brattle Sq.HOLMES HINKLEY, A. M., Private Tutor, 19 Ware street, Cambridge.

TUTORING in Latin, German and French.

M. E. GILL, 47 College House.76 6t


POLITICAL ECONOMY I, History 15: Tutoring.

J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.74 6t


A CLUB of six or more gentlemen can be accommodated with board. Also a cosy little room for four gents, at

T. H. BREWER'S, Brattle Square.74 6t

TUTORING in History 2, Political Economy 1, Mathematics A.

FREDERICK GREEN, 29 Matthews.74 6t