Special Notices.

ROOM TO LET, furnished or unfurnished; gas (electric lighting), furnace heat, hot and cold water. Location and house first-class. Address CRIMSON Office, 3 Linden street. 73 1w

TUTORING in History 12 and Political Economy I.

ARTHUR V. WOODWORTH, 26 Holyoke street.74-6-8

HISTORY 1, 11, 12, 15, Fine Arts 3, Political Economy 4, Philosophy 11. Tutoring.

W. W. NOLEN, 6 Little's Block.77 tf

TUTORING in History 12, Philosophy XI, Political Economy, 1 and 4.

W. ALEXANDER, 24 Reeds Block.77-6t

FOR SALE.- Red Irish Setter Pup. Whelped May 1888, out of "Maid" by "Elcho, Jr.," (Champion Irish Setter of America.) Enquire of

J. WALKER, 54 Garden st., Cambridge.Law School.

74 6t