The Path to Public Service at SEAS


Should Supreme Court Justices Have Term Limits? That ‘Would Be Fine,’ Breyer Says at Harvard IOP Forum


Harvard Right to Life Hosts Anti-Abortion Event With Students For Life President


Harvard Researchers Debunk Popular Sleep Myths in New Study


Journalists Discuss Trump’s Effect on the GOP at Harvard IOP Forum

Fact and Rumor.


Latin 1 has begun Terence.

Sophomore theme X is due to-day.

Theme IV, in English 12, is due today.

The '87 crew will get into their shell this week.

The new gymnasium at Trinity is to cost $30,000.

The Technology nine will play the Bostons on Monday.

Williams has no men training for the Mott Haven games.

The trip of the nine to Philadelphia has been given up.

The 'varsity nine will probably play the freshmen Saturday.

The heaviest man in the Columbia 'varsity crew weighs 178 lbs.

The Williams nine will play the Boston League team April 6 and 7.

The Yale-Harvard boat race will take place on either the first or second of July.

Harris is now stroking the '86 crew, as Codman has been obliged to stop rowing.

Nichols will not be able to play ball until the weather is warm, as he has been forbidden by his physician on account of rheumatism.

The CRIMSON has received the following, with a request for publication: "Prof. James R. Sanders, of South Boston, has recently invented a wonderful machine, a unicycle, which it is claimed even a young child can ride without previous training. The invention will be exhibited to the public near the monument on the common to-day, at 12 o'clock.

The debate which takes place at the Harvard Union this evening in Sever 11, at 7.30, will be on the question, "Resolved, That President Cleveland in refusing the Senate's demand for documents relating to public appointments has grossly transcended his authority." The principal disputants are: Affirmative, G. P. Furber, '87, L. B. Stedman, '87; negative, H. B. Hutchinson, '86, F. B.'s Williams, '88.

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