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Class Championship.



The first game in the class championship series was played yesterday afternoon on Norton's field between the sophomores and freshmen. Both teams played with spirit. Two thirty minute balves were played.

Ninety-two took the south end of the field. White gained fifteen yards on the first scrimmage. Forbes was well tackled and gained nothing. White, assisted by Forbes' blocking, again made fifteen yards. Three downs with nothing gained. Forbes and White each rushed well but gained little. The play was on Ninety-three's fifteen yard line, when Forbes succeeded in his attempt to kick a goal from the field. Score 5-0; time 7 minutes. On the first rush Ninety-three made ten yards. Manning kicked but gained nothing. Fairchild stopped Forbes'rush. The freshmen shoved well. Forbes got a good start again but was stopped by Parker. White failed in his attempt to kick. Fairchild stopped White. Forbes gained nothing. On another trial he gained three yards. Ninety-two blocked poorly. White was forced off bounds, gaining five yards. Henry gained nothing. The ball was fumbled when passed back and rolled toward Ninety-two's goal. the sophomores lost ten yards. Brice caught the punt but gained nothing. Davis pushed through the rush line and made ten yards. Fairchild ran around the right end but was tackled by Henry. Gained twenty yards. Sophomores' ball. Parker stopped White. White started well but dropped the ball when tackied and Dibblee got it. Parker broke through and gained five yards. The teams were now on Ninety-two's ten yard line. Fairchild found a hole and scored. No goal, Score 5-4. Ninety-two carried the play to the freshman's forty yard line. White's fumble gave Ninety-two the ball. Time was called with the ball near the centre of the field.

In the second half, Ninety three gained on the rush. Fairchild's rusher gained ten yards. White regained lost ground for Ninety-two and Henry gained twenty yards but was forced off bounds. Fairchild and Parker, by successive rushes got thirty yards. Ninety three lost the ball. Johnson took Manning's place as full-back. Rushes by the three backs regained the lost ground and soon brought the game to Ninety-three's ten yard line. Johnson kicked. Fairchild kept Fortes from scoring. Both teams struggled hard so that Ninety-two was unable to score before three downs were called. Ninety-two got the ball. Forbes was pushed through and scored. No goal. Score 9-4. During the remaining time Ninety-three gained ground. Johnson made one long rush and gained fifty yards. Time was called with the ball in the centre of the field.

Crane, '90 was referee and Austin, L. S., umpire. The teams were made up as follows: Ninety-two-Rushers: McDonald, Draper, Thomas, Pinkham (centre), Steedman, Rantoul, Putnam; quarter-back, Neff; half-backs, Henry and White; full-back, Forbes. Ninety-three-Rushers: Chew, Ellsworth, Davis, Brice (centre) Slade, Dunn, Dibblee; quarter-back, Kendriken; half backs, Fairchild and Parker; full back, Manning, (Johnson).

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