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Ninety, 10, Ninety-one, 4.


The second game in the class championship series was payed yesterday afternoon between to and '91. Thirty, and twenty minute halfs were played, played. In the first half '91 had the ball most of the time and by hard work often forced it near '80's geal, only to have it sent down the field again by one of Crane's long kicks. Ninety-one gained her ground by shoves and short breaks through the rush line, while '90 made quick work in running around the ends and long klcks. In the second half '90 did most of the playing, but '91 played the same plucky game, though she had hard luck.

Weld started the game for '91 and gained ten yards, but after four downs without a gain, the ball went to '90. Crane kicked to the thirty yard line and Blaney was forced outside on trying to run. Bangs gained fifteen yards by running around the end. After three downs Nichols saved the ball from '90 by gaining a yard. Tyson broke through on Blaney and '91 lost five yards. Six runs by Bass, Blaney, and Weld in succession gained thirty five yards for '91, but the ball was lost to 90. The ball was immediately got back, with a gain of five yards by Huntress securing a blocked kick. Blaney and Bass worked the ball to the ten yard line and there it stayed for three downs; but on the fourth pass Weld ran around the end and secured the first touchdown, five yards from the side line, in ten minutes after the start. No goal. Score 4-0. Crane kicked to Blaney, who was stopped in his place. Pulsifer got through on Bass and aften two more downs the ball went to 90. After three downs '90 kicked to Blaney. A poor pass lost the ball to '90 who by the good rushes of McLeod and Henshaw carried it near enough to the goals for Crane to try to kick a goal. The ball rolled along the ground and was secured by '90 at five yards from the back line. Ninety soon secured a touchdown and goal, making the score 6-4. Nichols, by good dodging, gained ten yards, but at three downs and one yard to gain Faulkner got through onto Blainey, and the ball went to '90. Time was called with the ball near the center of the field.

After gaining ten yards at the start, '90 gave the ball to '91 on four downs. Weld was obliged to kick for '91 after three downs. Crane caught the ball but was stopped from running. He then returned the kicks and Blaney was forced out side. Ninety- one kicked and Emmons secured the ball. At the next play Huntress got through and stopped Henhaw with a loss to '90 of about ten years. Lowenstein secured a poor pass and 91 just gained ten yarde in four downs, when a poor pass lost the ball to '90, but '90 couldn't gain its five yards in three downs and had to kick. The kick was returned to Grane who was prevented from running. A shove, a kick, and a run gave '90 another chance to kick a goal but, without success. Ninety-one lost the ball on four downs. Crane punted the ball over the rush line and Emmons secured it and ran over the line but had to come back for interference. Nichols followed the kick to Crane, who threw him off and ran through the crowd, securing a touchdown. Time was called after an attempt at goal had been kicked leaving the score at 10., Following is the make up of the team.

Ninety-Rushers: Emmons, Slocum, Darling. Fessending. Pulsifer. Arken, Tyson; quarter-back Faulkner; half-backs, Henshaw, McLeod; full-back, Crane.

Ninety-one-Rushers: Huntress, Mason, Bangs. Higgins, Grimes, Loew enstein, Guerin; quarter back, Nichols; half-backs, B laney, Weld; full.back, Bass.

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