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Harvard, 64; Wesleyan, 0.


The largest crowd of the season gathered on Jarvis field, Saturday afternoon to see Harvard defeat Wesleyan. The team played with more life than usual, especially in the second half, and succeeded in scoring sixty-four points against the visiting eleven. The rush line work of the eleven. The rush line work of the eleven was good, and the tackling and blocking were the most effective seen this year.

Play began at 2.47 o'clock, Harvard having the ball and the east goal. Harding rushed, and aided by good blocking and clever dodging on his own part, carried the ball twenty yards; short rushes by Goldthwaite, Lee, Blanchard, and Harding again, carried the ball well down towards Wesleyan's goal line, but here Harvard lost the ball for holding in the line. Lee secured the ball on Hall's punt, and again it was forced down the field only to be lost again for the same offence. At this point Harding was injured, and Dennison took his place. The ball exchanged hands several times owing to the tendency of the Harvard rushers to hold their opponents, but finally Harvard secured the ball near the centre of the field and Blanchard, Lee, and Dennison worked it down to Wesleyan's twenty-yard line by clever rushes. Here Goldthwaite broke through the line with the ball, and carried it to the five-yard line, and on the next rush Lee deposited it behind the goal line, fourteen minutes after play had begun. The try for a goal was a failure. Score 4-0. Wesleyan could not gain owing to the good work of Harvard's line and Hall was compelled to kick. The ball was returned by Saxe, and secured by Hallowell at Wesleyan's twenty-five yard line. Dennison and Goldthwaite rushed it to the ten yard line, and Lee found a hole and scored the second touchdown at 3.04. Saxe kicked the goal. Score 10-0. At the centre of the field Wesleyan tried rushing, but could not gain, and lost the ball on a fumble. Harvard only kept the ball a short time owing to holding in the line, but hallowell got away from Beers, secured Peck's first pass, and gained ten yards for Harvard. Trafford and Blanchard gained fifteen yards more by good work, and Lee advanced the ball still further by a run around the end of Wesleyan's line. Saxe tried for a goal from the field but failed, and the ball was down at the twenty-five yard line. Wesleyan lost it on the first down for off-side play. Harvard forced the ball to within ten yards of Wesleyan's goal, only to loose it again for the old offense of holding Wesleyan's rushers. Wesleyan gained ground by Hall's punting and Day's rushing, but at last the Harvard line made a stand and Wesleyan was forced to kick. Lee secured the ball and made a pretty rush across the field guarded by Dennison, but the ball was forfeited on account of interference; it was secured again, Goldthwaite, Lee, and Stickney forced it to within a few yards of Wesleyan's line; Dean carried it over the line at 3.15. No goal. Score 14-0. The ball was put in play at the twenty yard line, and Wesleyan's rushers did some lively work for a few minutes, forcing Harvard back. They lost the ball on a pass forward. Blanchard and Dennison carried it well into Wesleyan's territory, and at 3.21 Lee scored the fourth touchdown, and Saxe kicked the goal. Score 20-0. Before the ball was put in play time was called and the first half was over.

Wesleyan began the second half by a rush, but Stickney secured the ball from Peck. Lee, Dennison and Blanchard forced the ball rapidly towards Wesleyan's line, and Dennison finally by a clever rush had the ball down within three yards of the line, but the referee decided that Harvard had forfeited the ball for interference at the fifteen yard line. The ball was soon secured again, and forced close to Wesleyan's line, but lost for off-side play. Saxe stopped Hall's punt, and Dean and Cumnock dropped on the ball. Lee found the hole made for him by Cumnock, and scored at 3.42. Saxe kicked the goal. Score 26-0. At this point the eleven braced wonderfully, and during the rest of the game completely outplayed their opponents. The ball had scarcely been put in play, when Dean broke through the line, secured the ball on Peck's pass, rushed half the length of the field, hotly pursued by Slayback, and scored a touchdown at 3.45. Goal. Score 32-0. By Cumnock's excellent tackling, Wesleyan was forced back from the centre of the field; he finally forced Slayback to have the ball down at the fifteen yard line. Stickney broke through the line and stopped Hall's punt and Tilton carried the ball over the line at 3.52. Saxe kicked the goal. Score 38-0. Wesleyan tried rushing, but Goldthwaite broke throngh the line and stopped Day. Good tackling held Wesleyan without any gain, and gave the ball to Harvard on four downs. Lee ran around the end, carried the ball thirty-five yards, and scored at 3.56. No goal. Score 42-0. At this point Cleaver who had hurt his ankle was compelled to leave the field; Moore took his place at the end, and Howard played right tackle in Moore's stead. Harvard gained the ball at the thirty yard line. Dennison gained by clever dodging, and Lee made another of his long runs around the end and scored at 4.00. Saxe kicked the goal. Score 48-0. The ball had hardly been put in play when Trafford secured it and rushed to the five yard line, carrying tow Wesleyan men about fifteen yards. Lee slipped through a hole in the line, and scored again at 4.03. Goal. Score 54-0. Wesleyan put the ball in play at the centre of the field, but could not gain by rushing and was forced to kick. Harvard forced the ball towards Wesleyan's goal by short rushes, Blanchard and Hallowell doing good work. At 4.09 Lee scored another touchdown by running around the end. Goal. Score 60-0. Five minutes later after a good rush by Dean, Lee secured the last touchdown, but Saxe failed to kick the goal, making the score 64-0 The teams were made up as follows:

Harvard-Rushers: Cumnock, Blan chard, Trafford, Tilton, Stickney, Goldthwaite, Hallowell; quarter-back, Dean; half-backs, Lee, Harding, (Dennison); full-back, Saxe.

Wesleyan-Rushers: Cleaver, (Howard), Moore, Heath, Roe, Bickford, Brown, Beers; quarter-back, Peck; half-backs, Slayback, Day; full-back, Hall.

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