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Harvard, 28; Exeter, 0.


Harvard played her first game of foot ball game this fall against Exeter, on Jarvis, yesterday afternoon. The work of the Harvard eleven was about all that could be expected in the first game of the season, yet the blocking and the making of holes in the rush line should have been greatly improved upon, since none of the rush line were allowed to run with the ball, the backs doing all the rushing. As a whole the men worked earnertly and deserve considsrable credit. The game was called at 4 p. m., Exeter having the kick-off. Word ran a short distance but was downed, Harvard getting the ball. It soon went to Exeter again and short rushes were made by Struthers and Word, both of whom were downed without gaining five yards. Struthers then kicked to Bowman who made a fine rush, but was tackled by Squires. The ball was now very near Exeter's goal and it was soon forced over the line by Bowman, giving the first touchdown to Harvard in five minutes. Goal by Trafford. Borden started off with the ball but was quickly downed. The ball was then passed to Struthers who muffed it and lost fourteen yards. The ball was again passed to Struthers who gained ten yards by a kick. Harvard then got the ball and Bowman advanced it by a couple of fine rushes, but was beautifully tackled by Heffelfinger. Rushes by Bowman and Johnson then brought the ball almost upon the goal line and Cumnock soon secured the second touchdown. Goal. Score, 12 0. Exeter then tried to force the ball by short rushes, but lost several yards. Struthers kicked, but the wind blew the ball back and Stickney got it on the bounce and rushed fifty-five yards. Exeter was soon forced to make a safety after which time, fifteen minutes, was soon called. Score, 14 0.

The second half was begun with Harvard's ball. Johnson made a rush of ten yards and another of five, when the ball went to Exeter on a foul. Heffelfinger rushed, but gained no ground; Struthers kicked to Johnson who started to rush but gained no ground. Rushes by Johnson and Bowman then advanced the ball near Exeter's line. Trafford tried for goal from field, but failed. The tackling of Furman, Squires, James, Newell, Word and Heffelfinger, was noticeable at this point of the game. Exeter kicked to Trafford. Rush by Bowman of five yards, but Exeter's ball. Ball passed to Heffelfinger but ground lost. Crosby then broke through to rush line and secured the ball making the first touchdown of second half in seven minutes. Goal. Pheiand was here substituted for Struthers. Exeter tried to force the ball but lost ground, and then kicked but the ball was stopped, and Crosby dropping on it secured another touchdown. No goal. Harvard secured the ball and Johnson soon forced through, making the last touchdown of the game. Score, 28 to 0. A short rest was given here, after which the rest of the fifteen minutes was played, but no remarkable work was done by either side. The teams were as follows:

Harvard-Full back, Trafford; half backs, Bowman and Johnson, quarter back, Dean; rushers, Crosby, Goldthwait, Cranston, Morse, Stickney, Blanchard, Upton, Cumnock.

Exeter.- Full back, Struthers; half backs, Heffelfinger and Borden; quarter back, Word; rushers, Newell, Howland, Trueman, Squires, Gilliam, Bardwell, James.

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