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The Yale Foot ball Cup.


A silver cup has been offered by the Yale Record to the man who shall do the most effective work in 'Varsity foot ball practice. The plan and conditions governing the contest were devised by Mr. W. C. Camp, '80, and are as follows: The contest will be decided at the end of the first week after the men are sent to the training table. The scoring will be as follows: New men sent to the training table by the 'Varsity captain will receive points as follows: Seniors, 3; Juniors, 3; Sophomores, 4; Freshmen 5; other departments 4 Selections will be made by two judges on the playing of the rushers and two quarter-backs during the first week after the men go to training Special attention will be paid to breaking through, blocking, tackling, and assistance to the runner. The winners of first, second and third place in each event will receive 10, 7 and 3 points respectively.

The final contests will take place on Saturday of the same week and will consist of the following trials, open to all men: 1. Longest place kick in four attempts. 2. Longest punt in four attempts. 3. Longest drop kick in four attempts.

No kick will count unless the ball passes between the goal posts, or goal posts prolonged. The first man in each event will receive three points, the second two. 4, The longest pass of the ball in three attempts; first, eight, second, five. 5, Goal from drop kick. Each contestant will have three trials. In this event the kicking will begin at the twenty-yard line, and at each succeeding five-yard line until the fifty-yard line is reached. 6. Handicap run the length of the field, the heaviest man to receive the greatest handicap, while the backs and end rushers give three and two yards respectively.

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