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Fact and Rumor.


The day of prayer for colleges is Friday, January 30.

Thirteen men have signed thus far for the 'varsity nine.

Professor Greenough is spending his Sabbatical year in the South.

There are over six thousand alumni of Phillips Exeter Academy.

There are about 500 men at work in the gymnasium every afternoon.

A thesis will be due in French 10 within a week after the mid-years.

Professor Farlow will meet the class in Botany 2 every lecture day till the mid-years.

Ein Knoff must be read outside the class by German 1a before the mid-years.

Calhoun, captain of the Yale nine, has called out all candidates for the team.

Edgar Allen Poe has been elected president of the senior class at Princeton.

Since 1873 Cambridge has won 7 and Oxford 6 of the annual foot ball matches.

The classes of '86, '87, '88, '89 and '90 from Exeter will hold reunions in Exeter next June.

A. Hebard '89, substitute on the 'varsity crew of that year, is in business in St. Louis.

The Crescents have been awarded the championship of the American FootBall Union for 1890.

The Archaeological Institute of-America has $76,000 pledged for the work at Delphi.

The average weight of the Princeton rushline was 170 pounds, of the backs, 157, and of the whole team 165.

The faculty of Rutgers have decided to make gymnasium work compulsory for the two lower classes.

The first prize for the five mile race on Spy Pond Jan. 17, is on exhibition in Leavitt and Peirce's window.

Professor Hari will give especial lecture on the geography required in History 13 on Wednesday, January 21, at four o'clock.

President Eliot states on the authority of the lawyer who drew Mrs. Fogg's will, that there is no ground for contest in it.

Nearly thirteen thousand volumes have been offered already to the University of Toronto to replace the library recently destroyed by fire.

Of last year's Mott Haven team at Princeton only three men have left college. Two of these, however Dohm and Janeway, won fifteen points for Princeton.

It is said that college journalism originated at Dartmouth in 1800, Daniel Webster being editor of the paper. There are now 190 college papers in the United States and only one in England. The four dailies are the Cornell Daily Sun, DAILY CRIMSON, Yale News, and the University of Michigan Daily.

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