Bicycle Club Road Race.

The annual fall road race of the Bicycle club takes place today on the Chestnut hill reservoir course. The start will be made at 3 o'clock sharp in order that the race may be finished before dark. Some of the riders will leave the gymnasium at 2 o'clock and all wishing to accompany them can do so; all other contestants must be at the watering trough opposite the gate at 2.45. All men must have their certificates. The following are the handicaps as arranged by Mr. R. H. Davis, '91.


W. B. Greenleaf, '92. Scratch

E. A. Bailey, '91. Scratch

K. Brown, '91. Scratch

T. Barron, '91. 900 yds.

P. W. Davis, '93. 900 yds.

J. A. Tweedy, '93. 900 yds.

R. W. Holmes, '92. 1000 yds.

A. H. Williams, '91. 1200 yds.

C. Eastman, '90. 1800 yds.

J. B. Henderson, '91. 1800 yds.

A. N. Barron, '91. 1800 yds.

F. P. Cutting, '90. 1800 yds.

C. C. Goodrich, '93. 1800 yds.

Sheffield, '92. 2200 yds.

M. F. Hill, '90. 2200 yds.

P. Doe, '91. 2200 yds.