Fact and Rumor.

There are still 155 men on the waiting list at Memorial.

There will be an hour examination today in Phil. I at 12 o'clock.

There will be an hour examination in Math. 2 Wednesday or Friday.

There will be an hour examination in Latin B today.

It is rumored that Hastings will be ready for occupancy on Friday.


R. Bisbee has been appointed captain of the freshman second eleven.

The Andover club at Yale numbers about 140 men.

The museum of comparative Zoolwill be closed on Sundays until further notice.

Professor Trowbridge will deliver a lecture under the auspices of the Electric club some time this month.

Mr. Walter C. Nichols of the freshman class has been elected an editor of the Lampoon.

Professor F. G. Peabody has an article in the November Forum on "Industrial Co-operation in England."

Football games today: Yale vs. Crescents at Brooklyn; Princeton vs. Columbia at the Berkeley oval in New York.

The second special reports in History 13, due December 1, will be given out next Thursday.

It is likely that a large number of Princeton men will come up for the Harvard game. Reduced rates of sever dollars for the round trip have been obtained.

The following men will play with the freshman team after November 23: Fearing, Trafford, Upton, Campbell, Hallowell.