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Canada and the United States.



A large number of students assembled in Sever 11 last evening to hear Mr J. G. Baritone's lecture on the Relation of Canada and the United States. The history of Canada, he said is contemporaneous with that of the United States; for when the English were landing at Jamestown in 1607, the French were establishing a colony on the heights of Quebec. The Indian war closely followed by the Declaration of Independence had great influence upon both Canada and the colonies in that they taught their lessons of resolution which served them well in later years. Her history from 1787 to the breaking out of the civil war shows great advancement as a people until in 1867 the provinces, hitherto isolated, feeling that they needed a common protection in commerce bound themselves together into the Canadian Federal Union. Its executive power is vested in its governor-general appointed for six years who has the power of pardoning all offenses. He is assisted by thirteen cabinet officers. The legislature composes a senate appointed for life, a house commons of 215 members, who are elected for a term of five years. The judicial power is vested in five judges whose decision can be refuted only by petition to parliament. The government of the several provinces is on the same principle.

Previous to the sitting of parliament the cabinets gather and discuss the bills severally which are to come up at its meeting. Each bill is printed and circulated about the towns that they may become familiar to the people. In this way the lobbying and canvassing is done away with, and there is little chance for corruption. The remaining advantages of the Canadian government in brief are, the harmony existing between the executive and legislature, a satisfactory system of private legislation, permanent civil service, the secret ballot, judicial decision in bribery cases and the trial of divorce cases before parliament. The privileges offered by Canada of fishing in her waters were much abused and it was not until 1870 that the difficulties were settled. In that year the British government settled the dispute by the adoption of the Washington treaty by which the New England people were allowed to carry on trade and engage in the fisheries, but this treaty soon came to an end. The Canadians, however, were willing to share with the United States in the fisheries provided the latter will come to a reasonable agreement in the matter. Mr. Bourinot lastly enumerated many things which would advance the interests of both countries and make their relations more friendly; the settlement of the question of the fisheries; a complete extradition treaty by which all escaped criminals might be returned to the United States; the opening of the canals and coast trade which would make intercourse between the two countries complete.

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