The plans for a new paper at Columbia have been abandoned.

Some finishing touches are being put on the new gate.

There was an hour examination in Chemistry 3 yesterday.

The students of Brown are supporting a missionary in the Congo valley.

There are twenty-four Japanese students in the University of Michigan.

Sever 30 was so dark yesterday that Professor Bartlett was obliged to dismiss the class in German 1a.

At the last meeting of the trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, the age limitation for entering the Law school was abolished.

The following college rooms are to let: Thayer 35, Weld 13, Holyoke 47, College House 22, 23, 32, 50, Hastings 3, 41, Divinity 20, 26, 38.

The Brown university Glee club will start on its western trip December 17. It is probable that a joint concert will be given with the Cornell club at Ithaca.

Parodies on two of the poet Edgar Allen Poe's productions have been written, humorously describing Princeton's victories this year over Yale and Harvard.

L. Sternbergh, first year Law School, has left college for Colorado, He was a member of the class of '87, but spent two years in Europe before entering the Law School,

A committee has been appointed by Columbia college to consider the formation of a league next year between Cornell, Columbia, Lehigh, Lafayette, and Rutgers colleges.

The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at Amherst has given to the college a fellowship in history and the social and economic sciences to be called the Roswell D. Hitchcock fellowship.

The following games have been played in the final round of the chess tournament: Adams beat Irwin and Hawes; Crane beat Irwin; Baker beat Hawes; Irwin beat Baker; Nicolls beat Baker and Hawes.

According to this year's Index the principal cities of the United States are represented at Harvard by the following number of students: New York 115, Chicago 58, Philadelphia 20, Brooklyn 16, St. Louis 14.

The final foot ball contest of the season will be contested next Saturday, when the New York Athletic club and the Manhattan Athletic club elevens will play off their match game, which will decide the Metropolitan Athletic championship. The game will be played on the polo grounds, New York city.